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In Memoriam: Vern Foster 1960-2013


2014 IS UNDERWAY!   

April Figure-8 racing recap -  By Ben Chandler


It finally seems like the racing season got going this past weekend, with great weather (finally) and the newly renamed “Outlaw” super-8 cars taking to the track, for “Family night” on Saturday…and what used to be a Stinger-8 race on the tiny track at the SpringFair in Puyallup, taking place the next day. “Slam-fest” lived up to its name, as former Figure-8 driver Mike “Mr. Dizzy” Buse did a big “100 ft. car-drop” stunt, then flagged the rest of the mayhem! Car counts seem to be a concern for 2014, with the Stingers averaging 9 cars in their first two outings at Evergreen Speedway. Sadly, even fewer than that showed up down South. The $300 winner was the #61 “got rice” Prelude, followed by “funnyman” Aaron Flett in his newly painted #65 Civic. As usual, there was one idiot trying to crash into everyone else, until he finally ran into a wall!


 The “Outlaws” put on a pretty good 8-car show Saturday, with Nick Gunderson’s #33 taking the 50-lap Main event over “Slick” Don Eslick and Ricky “the Kid” Dietz. Gunderson, with fast-time, took just 12 laps to take over the lead, after starting near the rear, and was soon lapping the back half of the field. At least from 4th place on down. That is to say…only Nick, Slick and Rick went the full lick! They were followed by Chris Curtis, in “Liberty” and Mike Steltz.


 The previous week, our also newly renamed “Super-stock” class for “older-style” Figure-8 cars raced hard for 30 laps in the rain and cold. Steve “Battlewagon” Peters jumped into the early lead, taking that new divisions opening night win, ahead of defending Champ Doug “the Grizz” Delfel, in his trusty old Buick, and Quentin “the One-armed Bandit” Borreson, driving the ailing #17 owned by David “Great Pumpkin” Brandenburg. That’s right, all of the cool guys have a “nick-name”!


For the first time in over 10 years (that I know of) the Stinger-8 division point leader, after 2 races, is a “rookie”! Toby Jenkins, in his #11 Integra, has avoided bad flagging, mechanical problems and just getting spun out to hold the top spot, with a 3rd place finish in week 2, and a WIN in week 1! Just a few points back is Joselyn LaFleur, who took one of those bad flags on opening night. Matt Somerville, Gary Rarden and Jessica Gray round out the top 5, in the 2014 Championship point’s battle. Congrats to former Stinger Champ Seth Funden for his week two win in the #89 Integra, and to his Dad Jerry, a longtime Figure-8 star, who raced it to a 3rd place finish in the Hornet class last week!


So we have Easter weekend off, as “Nissanfest” takes over the track, with drifting, drag racing and a Car show. See you the following Saturday, the 26th, as the Super-stocks return for their second appearance of the season, joining the Vintage Modifieds, and the recently rained out Supers, for Open Road RV night. The “Stinger-8 Nationals” sponsored by Buzz Inn, follows on May 3rd, which is always a hoot!


Good luck to all of you Figure-8 drivers this season, and if you can help get any more cars out supporting our show, and our track, it would be appreciated. Thanks, and see you next week! BC


2014 Fearnews - By Ben Chandler
Welcome to the 2014 racing season, getting underway soon at Evergreen Speedway! This 60th season celebration should be as exciting as the 50th was, with lots of different activities on the drawing board for this summer. What an exciting time of year this always is! Dakar is over, John Force just won the first big drag race of the season, and Daytona is coming up soon. The 2014 “Cup” season starting is great, of course, but will be hard-pressed to match the excitement of the Seahawks winning the latest Superbowl, at least for us fans “up here near Alaska”!
The joy of watching that big game was soon tempered by remembering the one year anniversary of Sean Peters’ tragic loss. I thought about Sean last month, as I was again announcing the Snowball Enduro, with Derek Hobbs. At that same race, a year earlier, Sean was dominating the event, at least the first couple hours of it, in his old Stinger-8 car. It was, sadly, his final race before the tragic, late-night accident took the talented, young racer from his loving family, his many friends and racing fans.
A great time was had by over 500 people at the NASCAR Awards Banquet last month, as we honored not only our 2013 Champions, but also the memory of Sean, Vern Foster, Mike Wilkinson and other racing friends lost in the past year. And I hope you kept your 2013 souvenir program from the banquet. Page 12 is where you will find the newly created Sean Peters “Memorial Legacy” section, profiling some of the great racing families at Evergreen Speedway. I plan on profiling a couple of different families each season, and am open to suggestions… and to bribes! Speaking of banquet honors, congrats to longtime push-truck and pace car driver, Daryl (D.W.) Wheeler, who was inducted into the prestigious Evergreen Speedway Hall of Fame. Congrats also to TV star/stuntman, Mike (Mr. Dizzy) Buse, who was honored as Evergreen’s “Entertainer of the Year” for 2013!
I look forward to writing the HoF profile on D.W. for the website, as well as for the 2014 program, along with the Champions’ profiles - that SHOULD be ready in April! This is the first time we actually have three Figure-8 Champions to honor in one season! Congrats to Todd, Ricky and Doug, whose pictures are finally posted at the top of our website. Another cool change here at, will be the upgraded “photo gallery”, now located in a more prominent location, also near the top of this homepage. Historical photos will be posted there permanently, so if you have some cool pics from the “old days”, please forward them to me at:
 I am so glad to report that Foster Press will again host our website in 2014. We lost our friend, and webmaster, Vern Foster suddenly last summer, but his Daughter Maria has graciously taken over, and is doing a great job for us! And remember… Foster Press does T-shirts, knickknacks for your business and trophies, as well as all sorts of printing at their full service shop near Lake Stevens!
And finally, if you want to join… to be profiled as a “driver” or advertised as a “sponsor”- just give me a call at my home office: 425 747 4736. And I thank all who support this page!
I just watched the excellent Beatles 50-year anniversary tribute show on TV, and am excited that next year will mark the 50th year of Figure-8 racing at Evergreen Speedway. But THIS season marks the 60th year of racing at our favorite track, so let’s all get out there, support Evergreen Speedway where we can, and make it a GREAT ONE… And I will see you there! BC


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