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In Memoriam:
Ron Daggett 1940-2015
Nelson Downey 1946-2015


by Ben Chandler

Opening night of the 2015 season marked the 50th year of Saturday night Figure-8 racing at Evergreen Speedway! It was an exciting evening for both the Stinger-8 and Super Stock Figure-8 classes, as a giant Seahawk inspired crowd enjoyed music, Hawk-induced car show and a handful of former players on a gorgeous spring day! Steve Peters battled Division Champ, Quinton Borreson and a high-flying Doug Delfel to take his first win of the year, ahead of Eric Allison, in the 9-car Main event. And Stinger-8 “rookie” Branden Lindberg held off Matt Somerville and Former Champ, Lance Ograin in an exciting (15 car) Stinger main event, that saw Jason Wilson total his #50 (my last car) - and last year’s Champ, Toby Jenkins, struggle to get a top 10 finish, while his Dad scared the poop out of the crowd with some incredible intersection work! Mark and I raced against each other some 35 years ago, and it’s neat to see another “old guy” actually do well. Welcome back #18 Mark Jenkins!

Speaking of “old Guys” I once raced with, the season opener happened a week later for the Outlaw division, which saw 7 cars struggling for survival AND traction on a rainy and cold track. Former Champ, John “the Cowboy” Carlson, had set fast time and won his Heat race, but gave up the Main win to Chris Curtis, with the defending season Champ, Mike Steltz coming in 3rd. And Toby Jenkins, last year’s “rookie sensation” raced his heart out to win the second Stinger-8 race of the season, over the new point-leader, Matt Somerville, again in 2nd, and young Cody Hoopes, in the sponsored 10x (white) car, after bumping Lance Ograin off the corner & podium, and into 4th. Last week’s winner, Branden Lindberg, wrecked his new DelSol, but should be back soon. His “teammate”, Lance Ograin, came back to win at “Slamfest” the following week, in Puyallup, the last place I ever won a Main event!

 And speaking of bright young stars, 15 year-old Dawson Cox, son of “Mr. Excitement” Steve Cox, tried out the 8 track for the first time, and did a pretty good job! Twice seen on the Hornet track now, Dawson looks like a natural! The Super Stock figure-8 guys put on another whale of a 9-car race, April 18th, with Tommy Gapps #58 car climbing on top of Steve Peters in the north corner, creating quite a stir, as Quenton Borreson raced the #17 to his first win of this young season, followed by Doug Delfel and (speaking of old guys again…) Tony Hill! I talk and write often of the “old days” here, and am always  pleased to run into guys I first met 20, 30 or 40 years ago… OR their kids and now even grandkids!

 It was exactly 50 years ago that Figure-8 and Mini-stock racers first got organized here at Evergreen Speedway. Pro sports were a far off dream in those early days for local sports fans, so car racing at many (now missing) local tracks was huge back “in the day”! This year’s season opening crowd kinda reminded me of those early days. My own Figure-8 “rookie season” happened exactly 40 years ago this month, after 3 years of doing Demo-derbies here. So I still remember how BIG Saturday night racing once was!

May 25th the Outlaws run again...THEN,  the “60-minutes of FEAR” which is one of our 2 BIG races of the season, of course. Car count is crucial to the continuation of these “big money” Figure-8 shows, so if you have any kind of car sitting around, PLEASE bring it out May 2nd!  And figure-8 drivers who want to join FEAR and be listed on the website, with your sponsors and pictures, can still join up for a (one-time) donation of $50.  We will be celebrating the 50th anniversary of FEAR this coming June 13th, and all members, new and old, are invited to join us! Stay tuned here for more info to come. See you at the track, and thanks for reading!   BC


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