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Sept.17th  2011 Championship recap
By Ben Chandler and Louise Coleman

The 2 current figure-8 divisions only raced on the same night a handful of times this season, as FEAR celebrated 45 years of figure eight racing at Evergreen Speedway. We did end the season together with an exciting 50 lap Super-8 main event in the dry, a 50 lap Stinger race that started out dry and ended up wet, and a final 50 lap Super-8 race in a rainstorm! Brian Gunderson came into that last race with a slight (3 and 19) point lead over his two son’s, Ryan and Nick, with defending champ Jake Repin in 4th place, 22 markers back. 13 Super-8 cars started the first 50 lapper and Longtime FEAR member, David Brandenburg kept his #17 in the lead for over 16 laps, before losing the lead to the fast #13, driven by Ryan Gunderson. Meanwhile, the battle raged on between #75 “Iron” Mike Middleton, winner of the B heat, and A heat winner, Quentin “the one-armed bandit” Borreson, who eventually took the 2nd spot in the #21. Ryan held the lead up to the halfway point before his slightly faster Dad, in his #31 point-leading rocket slipped by for the lead - and eventual win over Ryan, Jake Repin in the #45, and other son Nick, driving the #76 Ricky Dietz/Petersen owned hot-rod. So Brian went into the final 50 lapper with an even bigger point’s advantage, against just 9 other contenders, and some terrible end-of-summer weather! Borreson, in his Daniel’s owned #21, jumped into the early lead for the first 10 laps or so, ahead of Mike Middleton’s#75 as both fought for traction. Middleton slipped by a spinning Borreson, taking the lead for the final 40 laps, with first Brian’s #31, then Ryan’s #76, taking the runner up spot. Brian lost 2nd to the #76, then 3rd to Repins #45 in the final few laps. Middleton drove his heart out, slipping and sliding into victory lane for his 3rd main event win of the year! The 4th place finish in the 2nd race was plenty for Brian to take his first Championship, in nearly 30 years of Figure-8 racing, 20 points ahead of the defending champ Jake Repin. Congrats Brian!

The final 50 lap Stinger race of the season started with just 9 cars, and, as previously mentioned, started dry-and ended up in the rain! Tires, wipers and fog were a concern for many, while eventual Champ, Lance Ograin pulled out (a couple of times) with electrical problems, in his “now” #1 Celica. Heat race winner Jessica Gray took her #04 Acura into the early lead, ahead of first Joselyn LaFleur, then the #22 of fast-timer Josh Young. After a spirited battle in the drizzle, around lap 20, Young took his Toyota to the front, ahead of the #1 and the #73 of Todd Stillwell. Yours truly, in the old #99 was hangin in there, as a few of the other cars broke or faded back. A couple of re-starts before the end bunched up the pack, but no one could touch the #22! Congrats to Josh for the win, my #99 came in 2nd, Gray was 3rd and Stillwell 4th. 

I’m out the door, heading for the Barrett-Jackson show in Vegas. Congrats to ALL of the winners, our new 2011 champions, and all who supported both the FEAR club and our new Promoters this season. Thanks for reading my recaps and thanks to all of the old-timers that showed up for our reunion this past summer. It was a fun one, weird weather and all… that’s for sure!  See you at the Banquet!  Ben


Fair recap – August 27 & September 3, 2011
By Ben Chandler and Louise Coleman

If you read the “History” section of this website that Tom Claibourn adds to each month, you will notice several references to our Evergreen “Fair dates” over the years. Back in the early days of FEAR the guys would actually race 5 to 8 times during the fair, along with the Mini-stock division. By the time I got involved (mid-70’s) it seemed like we raced 3 or 4 times during each Fair. We always looked forward to these races because of the different food, the new fans we would gain…and because we always made more money, since we (FEAR) earned a percentage of the front gate each week! In later years, our promoter Mickey Beadle scheduled the Nationals during the Fair with a guaranteed purse, which eventually and thankfully expanded to our weekly schedule. This year the Nationals again “stood alone” on August 20th, and the 2011 Evergreen figure-8 racers were down to just one Fair appearance in each division. All except former 2-time Stinger Champ Mike Middleton! Having sold his new (record-setting) Ford Focus to friend Chip Beecher at the end of last season, Mike wanted to concentrate on his #75 Super-8 car in 2011… and won the biggest race of his life, the 60 Minutes of FEAR, a few months back! Mike borrowed his old car back from Chip to take part in the “Stinger Nationals” that ran in conjunction with the “Mark Galloway Invitational” Super Late Model race that ran, for the first (and hopefully last) time ever during a “Fair week,” on the big track! 13 Stingers started the Main event with Mike starting towards the back of the 40-lapper. By lap 10 Middleton had the (now #23) Focus in the lead, which he held onto, even after a spirited battle with upcoming Stinger Champ, Lance Ograin. Lance uncharacteristically tangled his #74 Celica with a “Uke” tire while fighting for the lead, and with some 5 laps to go, was unable to finish. Fast time of the night went to the #22 Toyota driven by Josh Young, and he was able to take the runner-up spot ahead of the #45 Integra driven by Jeff Repin, and the #4 Civic of Nick Dunham. I won the slow heat race in the ol’ #99, then forgot to replace the radiator cap, knocking me back to 10th in the Main. What an idiot! The fast heat was won by Lance after another spirited battle, this time with the #73 of Todd Stillwell, and the #30 of defending Stinger Champ, Steve Peters.

The Super-8 cars then raced the following final Fair/ holiday weekend, again with the Super Late Models, who were thankfully on the smaller (3/8) track, along with a ton of Mini-stock cars. Tire supply concerns held up many of the 13 Super-8 cars that showed up for the 40-lapper, until the drivers met with track management to adjust the point system for the night. Just as we do in the big 60 Minutes-of-fear race, all drivers received the same number (25) of points…and started “heads-up.” An interesting (and first time ever) twist to the night’s point structure also rewarded the guys with “qualifying points,” while eliminating the heat races. Fast time of the night went to defending Champ Jake Repin, followed by the #31 of Brian Gunderson, and the #75 of Mike Middleton. Brian jumped into the lead immediately, followed by Repin and then Middleton. And 40 laps later, that’s how they finished! The victory puts Brian Gunderson 3 points ahead of son Nick in the battle for the Championship, with other son Ryan and Repin, just 19 and 22 points back!
 I first was turned onto figure-8 racing during the Fair EXACTLY 40 years ago, just after graduating from High School. I actually joined FEAR Inc. the following year (1972) and claimed my cool number then too. This just might be the closest Super-8 point battle I have witnessed in all of those 40 fun seasons!
  We have another weekend off before Championship night on the 17th. 50 big laps for the Stingers and Super-8’s should make the close point battle between the entire Gunderson family and defending Champ Jake Repin mighty exciting to watch! See you there for the final big night!  -BC 

Recap of the 28th Annual Super Race – August 20, 2011
By Ben Chandler and Louise Coleman

By all accounts, it was a spectacular Nationals night as Brian Gunderson took his cool looking, fast racing #31 hotrod to victory lane for his second Nationals win on Saturday. Brian also won the big event in 2009, as well as the second ever “60 Minutes of FEAR” race back in 1995! The hottest day of the year so far greeted drivers and fans alike as 19 Super-8 cars qualified for, and started the 100-lapper. I was attending my high school reunion that night, so am REALLY depending on the notes Louise took for me about the race for this recap - thanks LC!  She told me on the phone that the first 50 laps took half an hour, but the second half only 15 minutes, which sounded fairly typical. “Slick” Don Eslick led for some 65 laps, but ended up in 3rd place as Brian and son Ryan Gunderson, who held on for 2nd place, were both able to slip by. Early tangles included 2011 60-Minute winner Mike Middleton who then came in last with broken suspension after leading the first few laps. Four-time Nationals Champion Steve Peters made the race and came in 15th, due to tire problems, but three-time winner Greg Scott missed it, as did new “outlaw” Champ and 2002 Nationals winner, Ricky Deitz. John “Cowboy” Carlson also won this big race twice, back in ’07 and ’08, but mechanical problems relegated him to a 17th place finish. Coming in 4th was Shain Sawin, in his #4 car that is for sale, I understand. Seth Funden brought the #40 car (also for sale) in 5th, followed by current Super-8 point leader Nick Gunderson. 1996 Nationals winner Rich Groshong came in 7th, Tommy Gapp, Quentin Borreson and Steve Schoenfeldt rounded out the top 10, which is how many cars finished the race!  This was the first time in years that the Nationals wasn’t run during the Fair. Not sure how that might have affected the crowd count on Saturday, but some folks I have talked to said they actually liked that the race and the Fair were separated again. Nice job everybody!

The 2011 Stinger-8 Championship has been locked up by “Hammerhead” Lance Ograin for several weeks now, and it came as no surprise to hear that he won another Main event Saturday night. What was surprising was the rest of the podium! Congrats to Nick Dunham and Jessica Gray for their great second and third place finishes, ahead of Roxy Ograin who led the first 14 laps, and rookie sensation Chip Beecher. 10 Stingers started the 25-lap Main event, when Jessica tangled with Roxy early on, somehow sending #22 Josh Young into the pits with a flat, and an uncommon last place finish. Heats were won by Roxy in her #16 and Todd Stillwell in his #73 Civic.

The Evergreen State Fair starts this week and the figure-8 cars make it into the schedule just a couple of times, it seems. After two wild opening nights of stunts and jumps, the Stingers have what is being billed as “the Stinger-8 Nationals!” this Saturday, and the Super-8 “all-stars” are scheduled to race on the 3rd of September, the night before “Mr. Dizzy’s metal madness” and “eve of destruction!” That sounds like a fun way to end the Fair - and our summer!

I have a few of the FEAR 45th anniversary Rule and History books still available. The cost is just $10, and includes your 2011 FEAR membership card! Inside the book you will find a list of all FEAR champions, from all three divisions, since 1965. All BIG race winners are listed now, and the rules were updated for 2011 in both divisions as well. Past Club Presidents, speed records, NEW track rules, and the FEAR (Norton family memorial) Hall of Fame are all contained in this special commemorative 45th Anniversary book. Call or email me if you want one reserved, and I will be at the track Saturday to deliver it to you!

Speaking of Halls of Fame, I ran into a bunch of former FEAR members at our reunion that were unaware of the location for the Evergreen Speedway 25th anniversary Memorial Hall of Fame inductee updates. Stocked with several former FEAR members, it can be found at under the “FEAR” link.   See you at the FAIR!   -BC

 “Faith and Family Night” recap – August 6, 2011
By Ben Chandler and Louise Coleman

Our instructions at the pit meeting included “keep it clean if you win, or are interviewed on the podium!” Lots of good Christian folks were in the grandstand apparently, many for the first time, ready to root for their fave church leaders. The two “faster pastor” races, using donated Hornet cars, may have gotten them there, but the three exciting figure-8 main events should bring them back to Evergreen Speedway, especially in two weeks for the biggest race of the year!

Dual 50-lap Super-8 main events bookended the evening, as we close in on the 28th annual Figure-8 Nationals, coming up next, on August 20th. For several years it took place during the Fair, but it now stands alone, like the “old days!” Sponsored this year by Comcast Business Class, the Nationals is considered the most prestigious Figure-8 race to win in the Northwest. 2009 winner, Brian Gunderson and his two sons, Ryan and (new point leader) Nick Gunderson can certainly all be considered favorites to win. Last year’s winner, Greg Scott won’t be involved on the 20th, but ’07 and ’08 Nationals winner John “Cowboy” Carlson should be there, as will Ricky “the Kid” Deitz in his and Paul Pederson’s #76 rocket ship. This past Saturday Ricky came in second in BOTH of the exciting 50-lappers, and holds the current track record at both Evergreen and South Sound Speedways. Mike Middleton won the 60 minutes of FEAR race earlier and will certainly contend. Another surprise contender for a Nationals victory is Quinton “the one-armed bandit” Borreson after an impressive win in race one on Saturday! Taking the lead from Tom Gapp in the #17 Brandenburg car at (ironically) lap 17, Borreson was able to hold off several challengers for over 30 laps, to take his first main event win in… years! 11 Super-8’s started the first event, 12 started the second race. Deitz, Brian and Ryan Gunderson and the #75 of Middleton rounded out the top 5.

12 Stingers then lined up for their 30-lap main event. Several rookies started towards the front, which created some excitement for the faster cars trying to get by. Early leader, Bob “Sarge” Glenn had a big lead early on, until a flat tire took him out of contention. Yours truly, in the ol’ #99 got to lead a couple of laps before eventual winner Lance Ograin flew by, followed by the #22 of Josh Young. Happy to win the fast heat earlier in the evening over the #04 of Jessica Gray, I followed the 3rd place car #73 of Todd Stilwell to take 4th, with Steve “Battlewagon” Peters rounding out the top 5.

The second 50-lap Super-8 Main had a similar theme as the first, this time with Seth Funden in his #40 hot-rod holding the lead for the first 17 laps. A red flag and restart for Tommy Gapp knocking down the back wall put Deitz in the lead for some 15 laps, and a tangle between Jake Repin, Steve Schoenfeldt, Shain Sawin and Borreson created another restart at lap 19. Moving past Funden, then Deitz, was the #33 car of Nick Gunderson who lead the final ten laps to take the win. Seth Funden, with apparent brake problems, was impossible to pass as the #13 of Ryan Gunderson tried every trick in the book, short of dumping him. A fast moving Shain Sawin seemed to take a last lap, high-speed shot at both cars, knocking Gunderson off the podium, and leaving his #4 car out in the dirt. So Nick takes the win over Ricky, Seth, Brian Gunderson and defending Champ Jake Repin. Nick also takes over the points lead by one over his Dad Brian, and 18 ahead of his brother Ryan. With just a couple of figure-8 races left this season it certainly is looking like a Gunderson sweep is not out of the question! See you at the 28th annual Figure 8 Nationals, and THEN the Fair, as the fun winds down!   -BC

FEAR 45th Reunion and Picnic Recap – July 30, 2011
By Ben Chandler and Louise Coleman

The weather was PERFECT for the FEAR reunion/picnic Saturday afternoon! 80+ guests joined us as we celebrated the 45th anniversary of the FEAR club’s founding date. FEAR was created by Rick Norton, along with two dozen fellow racers back in 1966. His parents, Rick and Tina, actually built Evergreen Speedway! Rick was our guest of honor as we formally changed the FEAR Hall of Fame name to “the Norton Family Memorial Hall of Fame”, to honor all that he and his family have meant to Northwest racing history. Ed Petersen, our first figure-8 champion (1965) was present, along with several of those FEAR founders like Carl Zaretzke, Ewart Grove, Dale Youmans and Bob Moore. Hall of Fame members like Mickey Beadle, Roger Estrin and Harold Babula stopped by for pizza, along with past Presidents like old friends Craig Eakright, Mick Tomlin and “the Grizz” Doug Delfel. FEAR 20-year members, or “Old-timers” that showed up included Bill and Carol Ruddell, Wiley McDonald, and Greg Scott – and it was great to see longtime club official Kate Stephens join us, too! I want to thank our club historian Tom Claibourn for bringing and sharing his incredible collection of photos, models and memorabilia, all the way from Entiat! A big thanks to Stefanie, Susan and Jillian in the office, and of course, Doug and Traci Hobbs for their help with the reunion, too.

Most of the FEAR guests stayed to enjoy the races, which thankfully started out with the first of two Super-8 25-lap main events, which was won by four-time Champion John “Cowboy” Carlson over Shane Sawin, Nick Gunderson and his dad, Bryan Gunderson in fourth. It was an exciting 12-car main event with lots of close intersection action that seemed to impress our guests, and the good turnout of fans in the stands! The second main was scheduled to “cap the night”; unfortunately, most of our folks had long drives, or early bedtimes, and missed out! 14 cars started the final 25-lap Super-8 race of the night, and it was led for the first five laps by Doug “the Grizz” Delfel, until Ryan Gunderson flew by in his hot rod. Ryan held the lead right to the end in the #13 car, as his brother Nick in the #33 tried everything he could to take it away from him on the last corner! In third place was rookie sensation Mike Middleton in his (also) Gunderson-built #75, followed by fellow former Stinger Champ Seth Funden in the #40. Next up is something called “Faith and Family Night” for both Figure-8 divisions – and for the Super-8 drivers it is also SPONSOR NIGHT. Up to ten sponsors get free passes to the show, IF YOU SIGN UP IN ADVANCE! Call the office and reserve your sponsor seats with Stefanie TODAY. We all have the following weekend off, and then it’s on to the Figure-8 NATIONALS, followed by the Fair – already!
 Man, time FLIES when you’re havin’ fun! See you at the races on Seafair weekend!   -BC

Lynnwood Harley-Davidson and Judd & Black Night at Evergreen Speedway
July 16, 2011 recap - By Ben Chandler and Louise Coleman

The weather was PERFECT for the second “Extreme Night” of the season! The FEAR Super-8 division was joined by the Northwest Outlaw Figure-8 (NWOF8) group, for the first (and only) time this year, and they all put on a spectacular 100-lap main event to cap the night. Also on the schedule were the always exciting Stinger-8’s, the fun-to-watch Hornets, and the new V-8 Extreme division. Several Harley riders from sponsoring Lynnwood H-D enjoyed some track time, there was a roll-over contest, won by Nick Williams, plus several SMOKEY drifting demonstrations that excited the fans throughout the evening, as we get set for the big Formula Drift weekend this coming Friday and Saturday.

The difference between the two “super” figure-8 groups was negligible from the fans’ standpoint in the grandstands, but up close the tires are wider and there is no weight restriction in the “outlaw” class, so their cars are lighter. Ricky “the Kid” Deitz has set the current record in both groups, and at both tracks (ES and SSS) with his superfast #76 rocket, and started alongside the #49 of NWOF8 creator “Slick” Don Eslick, setting the pace for the start of the 18-car field. Early contact between the two allowed the 3rd fastest #40 of Seth Funden to jump into the lead, which he held for the first 20 laps or so. Deitz got back to the front spot around lap 21, and appeared to be running away with another “big race” win - until mechanical woes slowed his progress, and he was passed by the #33 of Nick Gunderson around lap 85. Dad Bryan Gunderson in the cool-looking #31 also got by Dietz after a spirited battle, to take 2nd place, and ironically BOTH had to start in the very back row, after missing time-ins. 3rd went to defending Super-8 Champ Jake Repin, 4th was former Stinger Champ, and trophy dash winner, Seth Funden, followed by Dietz, rounding out the top 5.

Doug Hobbs was so impressed with the Super-8 show that he is offering ALL Super-8 drivers up to 10 FREE SPONSOR PASSES for “faster pastor” night, scheduled for August 6th, Seafair weekend!

12 Stinger-8 cars started their 25-lap main event. Celebrating my 40th season “hanging out” at Evergreen Speedway, “yours truly”, doing triple duty, racing, announcing (with Derek Hobbs)…and writing this recap, lead the first 9 or 10 laps in the old #99 Prelude, until point leader, and 2011 Champ to be, Lance Ograin flew by in his always (suspiciously) FAST #74 Toyota Celica. The battle for 2nd place was spirited as first #73 Todd Stillwell, then Josh Young unsuccessfully worked me over for the runner-up spot. Josh did get by Stillwell’s Civic in his #22 Toyota to take the beautiful 3rd place trophy home!

Former Stinger-8 racer “Crashing” Kenny Bates put a whuppin’ on the five-car V8 Extreme field in his #42 Chevelle, winning both the heat and the main event. Joselyn LaFleur was runner up in this one, followed by Noah Chandler, who is still not related!
It was a hot, fun night of “extreme” racing that was enjoyed by a good sized crowd! We get a weekend off for Formula-D, then back… for 50’s tribute night (with a cool car show) and the Foster press Mayor’s cup on the 30th!

The FEAR 45th anniversary picnic and old-timers reunion will start at 3 pm behind the track office – AND in the beer garden! A limited number of free passes will be made available by Doug and Traci for the first FEAR guests that sign-in BEFORE 5 pm! Tom Claibourn will have his MASSIVE collection of FEAR memorabilia and photo books on display, and non-alcoholic refreshments and snacks will be provided. For us beer drinkers and due to County restrictions, Susan’s new & improved BEER GARDEN, located at turn one, will open early - just for us, with “happy-hour” prices, starting at 3 pm! And check for the special seating section set aside for FEAR guests in the grandstands!
 Rick Norton, who helped create FEAR 45 years ago, and whose parents built Evergreen Speedway, will be our guest of Honor on Saturday, and he promised to bring our first figure-8 Champion, Ed Petersen with him! 2011 FEAR memberships will be available, of course. If you just received your 45th anniversary “rule and history book” you may notice that the “FEAR Hall of Fame” is now named the “Norton Family memorial” Hall of Fame, in honor of Rick and his folks! Join us as we celebrate our 45th anniversary with Rick, Ed, Tom, and all the cool people that made figure-8 racing happen at Evergreen Speedway!  BC

Super-8 Outlaws July 2, 2011 and Stingers 4th of July recaps
By Ben Chandler and Louise Coleman

Back in the day, “mid-season Championship” night was a BIG deal for the FEAR members. Extra laps and top three main event finishers’ trophies were a big part of it on Saturday night, followed on Sunday by the annual FEAR picnic. Lots of beer, good food and an occasional fight - plus MID-SEASON trophies and a clean slate in the points race to the season Championship. That’s right, there used to be a first half Champion AND a second half Champ in both divisions! Most of these club “traditions” have gone by the wayside over the years; in fact the two divisions rarely even share a race night at Evergreen anymore! This past weekend, at about the halfway point of the season, the Super-8 cars raced (as “Outlaws”) at South Sound Speedway, and Ricky “the Kid” Deitz again dominated the field of seven. Holder of their 8-track record, Ricky won the dash AND got by early leader Mike Middleton around lap 20, after a lap 5 tangle with “Slick” Don Eslick put them both in the back row for the re-start. Coming in 3rd was Seth Funden, followed by the #13 of last month’s winner Bill Wade. A couple of days later, the Stingers were a part of the biggest 4th of July (Les Schwab-sponsored) birthday bash and fireworks show in the history of Evergreen, and 16 cars started the 20-lap main event. Sure, there were some Hornet drivers giving it a try, including former figure-8 Champ and Hall of Fame member Rob Holden’s youngest son, Jeffrey. An experienced road racer, Superstock driver and brother of Michael, Jeff came in 5th in his first try at the 8, minutes after winning the Hornet Main event! The race was shortened by five laps after a HUGE intersection wreck took nearly half the field out at the lap 10 mark. Point leader Lance Ograin was heavily involved as he was closing in on the race leader and eventual winner in his #08 Civic, Sean Peters. Jeff Repin stayed out of trouble in his #45 Integra to come in second, followed by the #73 Civic of Todd Stillwell, and yours truly in the ol’ #99 in 4th. Heat races were won by Repin and “Jawz” LaFleur in her #06 Civic. So we are halfway through the season and we get another weekend off for two days of “Freakin Beacon” and K&N superstock-type racing on the BIG track!

Remember drivers, the July 9th Super-8 (100-lap) race was cancelled, but the “Outlaw” race, WITH the Stingers, on the 16th is still a go! FEAR members should be receiving their 2011 FEAR Rule and History books, along with cards and stickers on the 16th. Finally! And all who joined FEAR this season are, of course, invited to the 45th anniversary FEAR reunion.

Replacing the traditional “midseason picnic” this year will be the 45th anniversary of FEAR reunion and picnic. Sponsored by FEAR and with help from Rick Norton, the son of Evergreen Speedway builder Dick Norton, the July 30th event is open to all former, and current, FEAR members. Rick is a lifetime charter member of FEAR and is credited with starting the Club, a year after introducing figure-8 racing to Evergreens racing and rodeo fans. The very first F-8 Champion, Ed Peterson (1965) is attending again, said Rick, and Tom Claibourn will have his enormous collection of FEAR memorabilia and photo albums to check out too! To get on the guest E-mail list, contact Tom at:

Missing the picnic, sadly due to ill health, will be longtime FEAR supporter, and one of the nicest, most generous people I have had the honor of knowing, “Poppa” Joe Young. For over 20 years the head of the “Scrap-iron” racing team, Joe is struggling with cancer throughout his body. Former FEAR Champ, Joe Jr., reports that the doctors only give him a couple of months to live. You will be missed at the reunion, my friend, and will be in our hearts and our prayers as you fight the best you can.

And finally, the cool 25th anniversary Evergreen Speedway Hall of Fame profile list can now be found under the new FEAR link located on the Evergreen Speedway home page. Hard to imagine it’s been 25 years since Evergreen Speedway joined up with NASCAR! NOT surprising is that most of the racers inducted over the years were usually connected with FEAR, starting with Carl Zaretzke in 1985, and ending with 2010 inductee, Doug Delfel. Check it out; I spent much of the winter writing it…for the program!

Enjoy the weekend off, and I will see you on the 16th for “Extreme night”, and more figure-8 fun!   -BC

(Then a fight broke out and a record was set!)
June 11, 2011
By Ben "The Wizard" Chandler and Louise Coleman

It was a BIG night of racing with great weather, and the Super-8 car count as high as 18 in the first of two 30-lap main events. Their double-header seemed like a “throwback night,” with lots of fellow “old-timers,” and guys with cool nicknames creating most of the bigger headlines! Quenton “the one-armed bandit” Boreson, in “Handy” Andy Daniels’ #21, who were both Evergreen and Spanaway stars from the 80’s and 90’s, took the first win of the night in a race marred by a trackside skirmish between 30-year vet “Great” Greg Scott and 15-year vet, Shain “Rockstar” Sawin. Also, 40-year FEAR member Ricky “the kid” Deitz set a new track (16.380) record… AND won the second 30-lapper, after breaking his hot rod in the first race!

David “great pumpkin” Brandenburg led the first 10 laps of the first race in his new #17 car before losing the lead to Sawin’s #4, with Scott in hot pursuit. Side-by-side they battled for the lead until Greg’s #08 somehow juked into, and flattened Sawin’s tire, garnering a black flag for Scott. Then it was on! After a couple of weak shots at retaliating with a flat, Shain headed to the pits for a quick repair before resuming his quest. By lap 20 Quenton had assumed the lead with Seth Funden and Jake Repin battling for podium spots, when Sawin shoved Scott off the south end of the track around lap 26. Both clamored from their cars and took a couple of swings at each other, before track officials could separate them. Both were counseled, fined and put on probation, but allowed to finish out the night. After that restart Repin’s #45 was spun by Funden’s #40, who also received a black flag, leaving the beat-up #31 of Bryan Gunderson somehow in 2nd, the #36 of Kevin Boddy in 3rd and Doug Delfel’s new #01 in 4th place. Congrats to Quenton for his first win “in 15 years”, and to all who showed up and supported the show!
In between the two cool, big figure-8 races was a wild mini-stock race, exciting street-stock 75 lapper, and the Stinger-8 Main event. 12 guys (and gals) finally got to race for 25 laps, hours after timing in. I got to lead a couple of early laps in the old #99, before the #8 Civic of Sean Peters flew by, followed a couple of laps later by the #74 Toyota of big-time point leader Lance :hammerhead” Ograin. It was quite a battle between those two close friends, but Ograin was finally able to take the win away from little Peters (again) on the last lap. Thanks Lance, for not stinkin’ up the show this week by nearly lapping everybody!
I somehow held on for 3rd, again over the two Civics of “Jaws” LaFleur and Todd Stillwell. In 6th place was the camera carrying #22 Toyota of Josh Young. Thanks to Josh, you can actually see this race on Facebook…from a driver’s perspective!

The final big race of the night was the second Super-8 30-lapper, which started 17 cars. Inverted from the first race finishing order, it made for some interesting possibilities. Last week’s top two performers at South Sound, Ricky Deitz and “Slick” Don Eslick, were on the front row due to race 1 problems, with Sawin and Scott side by side in the second row! Seth Funden was the first out, as he cut a tire down at the start, not to return until a lap 6 restart, caused by a tangle between the #58 of Chuck Widdis, and the “OZ” car of Dale Larson, who also headed to the pits. Ricky took the lead at the start, with “Slick” holding 2nd until Scott got by around lap 7. Greg then collided with Bryan Gunderson’s #31 in the intersection, at the half-way point. Both cars headed to the pits for repairs, along with Delfel’s #01. 15 cars re-started at lap 15, and most made it to another restart around lap 19. This final “double-file” restart was led by Ricky Deitz, with Shain Sawin’s #4 and the #13, driven this week by Ryan Gunderson, right behind him. And that’s how the big night ended, with defending Champ Jake Repin finishing 4th, and taking over the 2011 Championship point lead. 60-minutes of FEAR Champ Mike Middleton, in his cool #75 rocket, rounded out the top 5.

There are just six weeks until the FEAR members’ 45th anniversary reunion and picnic, and I could surely use a couple of sponsors for this event! Call me at 425-200-7819 if you, your sponsor or your business can help us out!      ALSO, WE ARE AGAIN “LINKED” TO THE ES WEBSITE!
See us on the top line of the homepage for all of your racing info!
Speaking of INFO, “click” on it, and scroll down to “HERITAGE” to read about the Evergreen Speedway Memorial Hall of Fame. The project took dozens of hours this past winter and covers the past 25 years, the NASCAR era of racing at Evergreen, from Carl Zaretzke in 1985 to 2010 inductee Doug Delfel!

Finally, a couple of weekends off now for both 8 divisions, before the big 4th of July show for the Stingers. The Super-8 race is not happening on July 9th, and it’s “Dirt cup weekend” at Skagit, the first time in the 40 years I have been hanging around Evergreen that it’s a night off for us!  - BC

May 28 & June 4, 2011
By Ben Chandler and Louise Coleman

Dual 50-lap Super Late Model stock car races on the 5/8 track, on two Saturday nights in a row, was cool for THEIR fans. The Stingers were a part of each show, and nine made up the field for the 30-lap main events each week. May 28th was Whelen night, part of the Memorial Day weekend, and the Main (and only) Stinger event was nearly dominated by point leader Lance “Hammerhead” Ograin again – except for the great battle “Iron” Mike Middleton put up in Jeff Repin’s #45 Acura! Jessica Gray led the first dozen laps in her Acura before Middleton got by both Ograin and Gray to take the lead for the next dozen laps. “Hammerhead” pried the front spot away from the “60 Minutes of FEAR” Champ, with just two laps to go, to take his forth A-main win of the season, with Middleton in 2nd. Yours truly, in the ol’ #99, couldn’t avoid a trophy that week by coming in 3rd, just ahead of “Jaws” LaFleur and Todd Stillwell in their Civics. I was off to Vegas the following week (where I split a satellite win in Omaha, during the World Series of Poker!)

Back in time for my June 4th race, and the Duvall car show, I was instead asked to fill in at South Sound as their announcer, due to a family emergency for (former Evergreen) announcer Kelly Hale. Good thing the Super-8 guys, (disguised as “Outlaws”) were there to put on a great racing show! Ricky “the kid” Deitz, after breaking the year old fast-time record held by Jake Repin, went on to take the trophy dash…and then the heat race! 11 cars started the 35-lap main event, as the bright sun finally started to set. Mechanical problems took Nick Gunderson in the #33 out early in the day - and “Slick” Don Eslick’s fast #49 out early in the Main event. Early leader Bryan Gunderson looked fast while leading the first several laps, as Deitz ran in and out of the pits with mechanical problems, followed by Mike Middleton with broken suspension. Just one restart took place, for a stuck in the grass Dale Larson, around lap 5, which opened the door for Bill “bobblehead” Wade to jump his LOUD #13 into the lead. Wade was chased to the end by Bryan Gunderson, Seth Funden and Jake Repin. Congrats to Bill for a triumphant return to the 8 track, and good luck to our “outlaw” brothers this weekend, as they do a “double” with us at Evergreen!   Reminder: Time-ins and heat races are REAL EARLY this week!
And Congrats to Sean Peters for his 2nd win over future Stinger-8 Champ Lance Ograin last week! See you Saturday… before a 2 ½ week break in our figure-8 racing action!  BC

By Ben Chandler and Louise Coleman

The Super-8 division capped a BIG night of racing at Evergreen Speedway last Saturday, as the world did NOT come to an end, but former Stinger-8 Champion Seth Funden did grab his first Main Event win in this division, from former Super-8 Champ Greg Scott…on the very last corner! The weather was fine, as 13 Supers, and “Crashin” Kenny Bates in his V8 Xtreme Chevelle, lined up for the 30-lap finale. Dale Larson lead the first couple of corners before Quinton “the one-arm bandit” Boreson flew past in his #21, from his 3rd starting spot, to take the lead, with last week’s 60 minute winner Mike Middleton in hot pursuit. Boreson lead the entire first half of the race before Middleton slipped by in his fast #75, with Scott assuming the 2nd spot around lap 19. The first caution happened at lap 21 for Larson’s “OZ” car, stuck in the same corner he parked it in during the 60 minute race. Not sure if the rules changed for some weird reason, but we then had a long single file restart that seemed to affect several cars. Followed by another caution and single-file restart at lap 25! One of those affected was the leader Middleton, who had to pit with a flat tire after a hard hit from behind by Scott. With five laps to go, the #4 of Shane Sawin also left the race, as Greg Scott in his #08 then lead the field to the green, and looked hard to beat as the #40 of Funden kept pace, followed by the Gunderson brothers, Ryan and Nick. I looked away for just a second when all of a sudden the #40 slipped by the #08, and took the checkered flag! The story, always so well written by Scott Ellsworth, quoted Seth as “putting on a Stinger-type pass” at the end! Greg seemed amazingly gracious on the podium, perhaps so impressed by (now) two former Stinger drivers beating him two weeks in a row! LOL! Congrats to Seth Funden, former Stinger Champ, last year’s “most improved” driver - and now, this year’s Super-8 point leader! Heat race winners were #4 Shane Sawin and #31 Bryan Gunderson.

Speaking about Stinger drivers, “Bethy” the adrenalin junkie, is scheduled to appear all this week on Comcast channel 179. She was involved in the 100-lap (cut to 50) Stinger race, as well as the Mini-stock race back on April 30th. It’s always fun to see how your hobby is depicted, and I suspect her humbling experience will glaze over how much damage she actually created, at least to her car - sorry Rod! That said, winning most every other night so far this season, including “Bethy’s” big night, is Lance “Hammerhead” Ograin. Lance easily won the 10 car, 30 lap Stinger-8 A main again this past week in his Celica, followed by former classmates Sean Peters and Joslyn LaFleur in their Civics. Lance has a HUGE point lead, a fast car, and a great attitude. Congrats to the apparent 2011 CHAMP, for another fine victory (and thanks for your help!). Heats were won by me (#99) in the slow one and #45 Jake Repin in the fast one.

Next up is Memorial Day weekend, with the Stingers racing on Saturday, and “Mr. Dizzy” Mike Buse doing some crazy record setting jump on Sunday, along with a demo derby, fireworks, Hornets and bus racing. I’m off to battle the world’s best Omaha players in Vegas the following week. Knocked out of the World Series last year by Chris “Jesus” Ferguson, my goal this year is to drink more, and have more fun. But that has ALWAYS been my goal in life! See you at the track, where the fun continues for 2011!   -BC 

2011 “60 Minutes of FEAR!”
By Ben Chandler and Louise Coleman

After several weeks of racers just missing the rain at Evergreen Speedway, it ALL came down last Saturday night! Lakes were forming and a river separated the pits from the grandstands, as a good turnout of 16 top Super-8 cars lined up for the 18th annual 60-minute endurance race, sponsored this year by my old sponsor, KISW. A record setting $2000 was on the line for the winner, and rain tires seemed like the “hot ticket”. Greg Scott had ‘em, as he left the field behind for the first 15 laps – before a tangle with Steve Cox and Doug Delfel in the intersection screwed up his rear end, sending him into the pits around lap 34. (That line sounded 20 years old as I wrote it!) Four-time FEAR Champ John “the Cowboy” Carlson also had rain tires as he assumed the lead for the next 40 laps or so. Meanwhile, two-time Stinger Champ Mike Middleton, on regular old Nu-treads, was lurking among the top three spots, missing all but a minor tap from Ryan Gunderson, and later getting run over by Tommy Gapp, driving the Dave Brandenburg #17 – with an opaque windshield! Dave and Tommy had replaced the motor that evening (big thank you to Harry and Mike) and still ended up in 6th place!  Middleton, last season’s Rookie of the Year in this class, took over the lead from “the Cowboy” around lap 55, then lost it back to him around lap 78 after a tangle with a slower car, just as the track seemed to dry up a bit. Meanwhile, four-time Champ Steve “Mr. Excitement” Cox in his trusty #7 Chevy, was battling lap after lap with the (driving blind) Gapp in the #17. Middleton finally assumed the lead from Carlson for good with 10 minutes to go, and with 10 cars still racing. With only one quick caution flag all night, for the spun-out Dale Larson, the race went a record-setting 156 laps! Cox ended up holding onto 3rd, still on the lead lap, ahead of Brian Gunderson and defending Super-8 Champ Jake Repin who rounded out the top five. This was the VERY FIRST MAIN EVENT WIN for “Iron” Mike in this class, and was well earned. Driving as cleanly and smoothly as usual, FEAR member and club supporter Mike Middleton is congratulated for a job well done!

The Sringer-8 class Main event started 10 cars and went 20 laps…and 10 cars finished THAT race too! Yours truly, in the ‘ol #99 started out on the front row, in what we used to call the “Bob Uecker spot”, but caught an early flat rear tire. From nearly the back row, Sean Peters in his black #8 Honda jumped immediately past (and through) me and Joselyn LaFleur in her little Civic, to take the lead. Next to fly by was Lance Ograin, the current Stinger point leader, and two-time winner (so far) in his #74 Toyota. Then Kevin Hornbeck and Josh Young in their Toyotas, and Todd Stillwell went by too. Sean appeared to have just enough lead to hold back Ograin’s final charge on the slimy track, followed by “Jaws” LaFleur in her #06. BTW, her dad Dan (who was celebrating his birthday that night) wanted me to mention that this was the first time ever that these three young racers, “Jaws”, Lance and Sean, all longtime friends who even went to High school together, shared the podium together!

Finally, May 14th is a week off for us figure-8 people, as the NASCAR super late models try to dodge the ugly weather that is still trying to drown Evergreen Speedway. We’re back for Armed Forces Night on May 21st, with the Super-8’s and the Stingers. Everyone note the schedule adjustment on the Evergreen website. We ARE NOT doing a dual Stinger race on the 28th, just a regular one, and the Supers ARE NOT going for “double points” on the 21st, just normal ones… see you at the track!  BC

Adrenaline Hunter meets Hammerhead!
Sponsor Appreciation Night – April 30, 2011
By Ben Chandler and Louise Coleman

For the first time ever, racers’ sponsors were the special guests at Evergreen Speedway Saturday night. NASCAR racing fans enjoyed another beautiful afternoon, as a great turnout of cars in all divisions made for a lot of action – much of it starring Bethy, the “Adrenaline Hunter!”  Filming for her action reality show, seen on Comcast channel 179, took place throughout the evening with in-car cameras and a crew taping her every move in the pits, and from above for an upcoming Wednesday evening episode.

Taking part in the 50-lap main event for the Stinger-8 division, Bethy charged through the intersection, fought door-to-door with some of the best figure-8 drivers in the Northwest, and eventually spun out in a blur of smoke and steam around the halfway point. Division point leader Lance “Hammerhead” Ograin took the lead in his Toyota Celica around lap 10, and with Steve Peters knocked out of the race by a black flag, also around the half-way point, cruised on to an easy victory over birthday boy Sean Peters.

The Super Late Model division ran 40 laps in their Main Event with ten cars taking the field.  Former champ Naima Lang worked his way through the pack in the #00 to take the win over defending champ Tom Moriarity in his #5 Monte Carlo, with Jeff Knight rounding out the podium by finishing third in his #70 Chevy.

The Foster Press Mini-stock division also went 40 laps, with 21 cars taking the green flag. Lots of cautions continued to mix up the field, and throughout the race a ferocious battle among the top three in the 2011 point chase took place. The lead changed many times between the #99 of Scott LaCross and the #12 of defending champ Kris Harriss, both in Honda Preludes, and Steve Green in his #10 VW Scirocco. Former Mini-stock Champion Steve Green went on to take the win over LaCross, after Harriss got tangled up with some slower cars, and headed to the pits.

In the Street Stock division, or “Bombers” (as I still prefer to call them), 15 cars took the green flag for their 25-lap main event.  Early leader Jim Foti in his #85 looked like a shoo-in to win until a spin-out put him far behind the field, battling to keep from going down a lap.  Defending champ Lane Sundholm lead through the middle of the race in his fast #00 Chevy until he left the track around lap 14 with mechanical problems.  Joe Kneeland then took his #99 Camaro to the front, winning over the #10 of Brian Cottrell.

Finally, in the Hornet division, there were enough cars for 12 of them to run a 10-lap ‘B’ Main on the 1/5   mile oval, which was won by Alan Haines in the #24.  The top six cars were then offered a move-up to the Hornet ‘A’ Main on the modified road course.  21 cars started this 20-lap main, and early leader Troy Johnson in the #80 was able to hold off current division champ Jaime Corbett in his #76 Honda and former division champ Chris Williams in the Napa-capped #7 to take his first ‘A’ Main event win of the year.

Scott Ellsworth will be back next week, May 7th, for the always exciting “60 Minutes of FEAR”, an annual Super Figure-8 enduro race, along with the Stingers, Legends and more! I hope to see you there too! 

U.S. Army Extreme Night – April 23, 2011
By Ben Chandler and Louise Coleman

It was the best day of the year, weather wise, and for a couple of top longtime figure-8 buddies, racewise as well, as last Saturday night the Super-8 guys went 100 laps in a record setting time, and the Stingers received double points, for the first time ever! 1998 Super-8 Champion Greg Scott showed a lot of patience after starting near the back of the 14-car field. With $1000 on the line for the winner, everyone kept their noses clean, and with no “uke” tires to deal with, 12 cars actually finished the race-in 31 minutes! Heat race winner Chuck Widdis lead the first dozen laps of the Main Event in his new #58 car before losing the lead to Ryan Gunderson’s #13. Last week’s Super-8 Main winner Brian Gunderson passed his son at lap 19 and looked unbeatable again, as his new #31 rocket lead the race up to the lap 63 mark. Shane “Rockstar” Sawin started near the front in his cool newer #4 car and held 2nd place behind Gunderson Sr. for some 30 laps, before succumbing to the slightly faster #08 Scott car marching forward. Traffic kept Scott from Gunderson for several laps, and the intersection provided lots of thrills for the fans, as David Brandenburg charged through time after time, before spinning off the #13 (Gunderson) bumper. Then it was fast heat winner Brian Gunderson’s turn to be held up by traffic from catching the #08 car as the laps wound down. Still kind of weird not having a working scoreboard, or to help with the facts for this story each week, but I am 99% sure that trophy dash winner Greg Scott, Brian Gunderson and Shane Sawin all received trophies for 1st, 2nd and 3rd, with Don Eslick and Nick Gunderson rounding out the top five spots in the fastest, cleanest 100-lap Super-8 Main EVER!

Just nine Stinger-8 cars started the 25-lap “double point” Main event. Jumping into the lead for the first few laps, and wearing the new Goodyear Eagle test tires, was the heat race winning #99, driven by yours truly! With Steve Peters flying by around lap 5, followed quickly by the #74 and the #06, I was in a great position to see race winner Peters hold off the hard charging dash winner, Lance Ograin, and 3rd place trophy winner “Jaws” LaFleur. I held off the charge of #73 Todd Stillwell and new FEAR member and rookie candidate Chip Beecher in his cool Ford Focus – but missed seeing the collision between new guy Jason McQuinn, in a demo car (?) and Jessica Gray’s great looking Acura. Speaking of new FEAR members, Push Truck expert Daryl “D.W.” Wheeler and the other rookie of the year candidate Tyler Tiedeman, just 14 and the youngest FEAR driver in the club’s 45-year history, is joining FEAR too. A big thank you to all who chip in to keep our Club history alive, and our 45th reunion plans are looking good!

If you would like to join FEAR, just see me in the pits anytime for a 2011 membership form.

Thanks also to those who chipped in to help our old friend Al “the Worm” Hauck’s widow, Annie. Struggling with stage four cancer in Texas, getting chemo and without feeling in her limbs, Annie was seeking some help. We raised a couple of hundred bucks for her in the pits, and have some commitments through for even more. I’m posting her address here one more time, so you can respond personally if you like. Thank you everyone!
Annie Hauck
8534 Chickasaw Bluff
Converse, TX 78109

Next up on April 30th is 100 laps for the Stinger-8 cars…and the first ever CAR SPONSOR APPRECIATION NIGHT! I don’t believe we are racing for a thousand bucks, we might have to actually gas up beforehand, the announcer will be fabulous, and I’m certain it will take WAY more than 31 minutes, but it should be fun…and your SPONSORS GET IN FREE!

It will be a great final test of the new treaded Goodyear Eagle tires I have on the front of my car. Stop by and check them out after the 100-lapper, and tell me what you think. See you at the track!  -BC

FEAR News for 2011 Opening Weekends – April 9th & 16th
By Ben Chandler and Louise Coleman

The weather, though cool, has actually been okay so far, as we start the 45th Anniversary FEAR season at the NEW Evergreen Speedway! It was Cub Scout Night April 9th when the Stinger-8 racers were joined by the Hornets, the new V-8 Extreme division, the Demo Derby guys and Mr. Dizzy with his wacky band of stunt studs. As a former Cub Scout who proudly represented Pack 6 on the J.P. Patches show back in the 60’s, I am always supportive of these kids. Thanks Karl, for supporting the Hornet Division and the lucky number program each season! Lots of changes greeted the racers this month. We timed in differently than ever before, going out in groups of four or five for 8 laps. New tires are coming soon, and our transponders were replaced (temporarily?) by track loaners; the “Uke” tires are thankfully gone now; and boy, after having a score board for the last 25 years, was it ever weird to have zero info again, as a driver OR a fan! Thankfully a cool hi-tech scoreboard is being built, and will be installed as soon as possible!
11 Stingers made the opener, well, 10 – and a 14-year-old kid who was mistakenly put on the front row of the full sized, 11-car heat race for some reason, before finally blowing up. Defending Stinger Champ Steve Peters lost a tire on the first lap of the trophy dash, giving that win to Jeff Repin in his new #45 Acura. That’s right, TROPHY DASHES ARE BACK! Steve went on later that night to run out of gas and get hurt in the new V-8 Extreme division. The season opening 20-lap Stinger-8 Main event was won by Lance “Hammerhead” Ograin, with Steve and Sean Peters in hot pursuit, and “yours truly”… a mile back in fourth!
The Super-8 division season opener was April 16th and they eventually put on a great show for “fan appreciation” night! With many sporting the new tires that were not quite broken in, lots of slipping around early on seemed to create problems for some of the guys.  13 cars qualified for the 50-lap Main event, and as a side note, it was the first time in our 45-year history that there were zero steel stock-type bodied cars present!  Dave Brandenburg’s new car broke in practice, then Doug Delfel’s new car was the first to leave the track with mechanical (fuel) problems, soon followed by another old-timer, Greg Scott. Speaking of “old-timers”, Brian Gunderson’s gorgeous new #31 car had no problems, jumping into the early lead, and holding off the two much younger former Stinger champs, Seth Funden and Mike Middleton to take the season opening win!
Stinger point leader Lance Ograin took his sharp Toyota down to the Puyallup Spring Fair, for the 2-day “Slam-fest.” In the past, Stingers were an exciting “exhibition” on the demo and stunt-show card. Everyone got the same amount of dough, we were fed, and we tried to miss each other, while thrilling the crowd of Demo fans. Turns out the slam-fest name now applies to Mr. Dizzy stunts, the always ferocious derby…AND to the Stinger-8 races! That said, it’s a fun little track, the fans love what we do there, and Lance Ograin won BOTH Saturday’s and Sunday’s Mains over Sean Peters and “Jaws” LaFleur, to make his season record 3 and 0!
Finally, and on a sadder note, I just received a letter from Al “the Worm” Hauk’s widow, Annie. A 20+ year FEAR racer, Al died seven years ago of cancer and was inducted into the FEAR Hall of Fame posthumously. Annie, who moved to Texas, now has the same (stage 4) disease, has lost the feeling in her hands…and is broke. FEAR sent her a check to help with some medicine and doctor expenses, and I thought I would share her address …in case any of “the Worm’s” friends and fans can help her out too:  BC
Annie Hauk
8534 Chickasaw Bluff
Converse, TX 78109
Phone #: 210-259-9580
Thanks – and see you Saturday night for the U.S. Army Extreme Night 100 lap $1200 to win super-8 race! 

April, 2011 - By Ben Chandler & Louise Coleman

The figure-8 season starts first for the Stingers, on April 9th, “Cub Scout night!” and the following Saturday night for the Super-8’s. Remember that the show starts at 6 pm now, so there should be plenty of time to “party” afterwards! The 9th should be a hoot with Mr. Dizzy stunts, fireworks and a demo derby too! The track looks great, as does the remodeled office. I understand light and sound improvements are still coming to the pit areas and food will be much improved in the coming months! Welcome aboard Beacon Plumbing, sorry your season opening experience was rained out April 2nd!

All Stinger-8 racers are invited to the Puyallup “Slam-fest” on the 16th, AND on Sunday, the 17th of April. A wild Demo-derby, and a fun little-8 race, you too can be a part of the Spring-Fair that weekend. “Mr. Dizzy” Mike Buse is starring in the Sunday show, and is organizing the participants, which is a Highroad Promotion this year. So keep an eye on the Evergreen Speedway website for exact times and a breakdown on prize monies and fees. I want to say thank you to all of the guys (and gals) who renewed their FEAR Gold memberships at the Evergreen membership meeting last month. I keep this alive for all to enjoy, but truly appreciate you racers that step up, and chip in, especially during these hard economic times. If you would like to have your BUSINESS listed on this webpage as an OFFICIAL SPONSOR of FEAR, that cost could be very reasonable!  I will have FEAR membership renewal forms with me in the pits BOTH opening nights, and should have the new FEAR History/Rulebook available, along with your new Cards and FEAR stickers sometime in May. See you at the “new” track for the start of our 45th year of FEAR!  BC 



By Ben Chandler & Louise Coleman

Thursday night, February 17th is the official NASCAR/FEAR membership signup night at the “4-H” building on the fairgrounds. It starts at 6pm, and at 8 there will be a “driver marketing” workshop. I assume the NASCAR cost is still $90, and for those of you who choose to ALSO join FEAR, I will be set up below the FEAR banner. The cost is just $25 for figure-8 drivers who want to be listed (with their profiles) on our website, and come to the 45th anniversary picnic/reunion next summer. The non-driver FEAR membership cost is still $10 - and no matter which membership you choose, just know that 100% of the funds collected will go to the ongoing costs of keeping “the Club alive at 45” … and THANK YOU!
The new schedule is posted on the track’s blog site,, along with most of the new rules. Both should be finalized, printed up and available at the membership meeting, soon on the new evergreen site, as well as right here. Just know that the Stingers start the season a couple of weeks before the Super-8’s, on April 2nd, along with the exciting new Extreme V-8 class which is going to debut on the same opening night, and run throughout the season. This new class is PERFECT for those of you with an older-style steel bodied V-8 racecar lying around the shop. “Old Bombers and Bump-to-Pass cars, Thundercars, X-treme-8 and early Super-8 cars… even some Demo-cars can be raced,” according to FEAR legend Steve Peters, who went on to tell me 17 cars are all ready for the season opener!
Track cleanup work parties will be ongoing each weekend and VOLUNTEERS ARE NEEDED! Contact Stefanie at the track office if you can help. And finally, I want to again thank Doug Hobbs for putting on a GREAT Awards Banquet last month! It was my honor to help induct longtime FEAR racer, 2-time Champ and 4-time FEAR President Doug Delfel into the Evergreen Speedway Hall of Fame. The ONLY driver in track history to have raced with the same number and in the same class for 35 years in a row! Doug joins the many FEAR members who have been inducted over  the years, starting with Carl Zaretzke in 1985: Dale Youmans, Lyle Merrifield, Gene Brookover, Ralph Lewis, Mick Tomlin, Joe Nye, Gordy Stewart, Dick Avalo, Lee Daily, Steve Dunn, Tobey and Althea Butler, Mickey and Lyn Beadle, Mike Buse and yours truly - ALL had been involved with our cool Club over the past 45 years. See you at the meeting next Thursday, and at the SEASON OPENER!   -BC


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